Tiffany Clanton


Tiffany Clanton is an avid supporter of student success and a diligent Higher Education professional focusing on College Aid literacy and processes. 

Tiffany earned her MBA from Colorado Technical University with professional certificates in Management, Leadership, and Conflict Resolution.  Tiffany operated as a Student Finance Supervisor at Virginia College, Financial Aid Director at the United States Sports Academy, Assistant Financial Aid Director at Spring Hill College, and Campus Director with FA Solutions, LLC.  

Tiffany also served as a student liaison with the Department of Veteran Affairs and the Department of Defense to assist veterans with their educational funding.  Her work also included debt management skills and options for current students and graduates with the Department of Education.

Tiffany understands the challenges facing students who depend on college aid solely for support.  Her experience and work with numerous higher education factions have allowed her to provide students and families with the most comprehensive college aid options.  Throughout her career, Tiffany has and continues to assist students and families in gaining college aid literacy with over a decade of experience in college aid planning.